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Liberating Wadir From Archon - August 2016

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ben Ryder, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Ben Ryder

    Ben Ryder Merc

    Hi Chaps,

    I hope you are all well.

    I play a lot in the Antal Power Play reddit group and I am a fledgling Merc. A while ago Archon took over Wadir as a power play control system. There were some issues but they got mostly resolved. Archon is now prepared to give up the system. Feel free to check with their leadership team on reddit. This would be done by undermining the system of Wadir via Power play. The Antal power would happy help liberate Wadir and is proposing that with your help Antal take control of the system for a limited time (from a power play only perspective). This would be a short role play experiment like Maia (link) and to bring Antal players in touch with the Mercs. Antal would protect the system from Power Play land grabs and the players would learn about the BGS from you guys.

    Whats in it for Antal. A bit of role playing fun, learning about the background sim and an temporary assisted co-operative expansion. No hassle on either side.Just positive good stuffs.

    What's in to for the Mercs. Assassinate with the BGS from the Antal power. Antal favors Feudal factions and would do everything they can to help you grow and would assist and not stand in the way of your factions development. You'd also get a new bunch of members in the mercs. Additionally antal pledges of Rank 2 or more have a positive influence bonus on the BGS of 5%. Bounties and fines in the system would go up. Some items would become illegal in the surrounding systems, such as slaves. However Black market profits in the surrounding systems would go up by 10%. All in all you would gain a lot especially fresh blood and assassinate.

    Al in all the liberation would take a couple of weeks starting today and any expansion would take maybe two or three more.

    If you have no real idea what Antal get's up to or what the group is about check out


    We've also helped out Walt with the Pioonerrs co-operative in the past as teh first power to completly back it 100%

    and if you like lore check out


    So please enjoy reading the stuff in the links and let me know if you would like assiantce in liberating Wadir.

    Your Pal Ben Ryder
    Canonn Scientist
    Pioneers Co-opertaive supporter
    Fledgling Merc