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Hello from the Paladin's Consortium

Discussion in 'Open Channel Ally threads' started by Taskchair, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Taskchair

    Taskchair Enlistee

    I'll be hanging out with you all to become a better fighter and commander and earn my keep by surviving outside the bubble.

    I cannot speak for the Paladin Consortium's Elders, but I am here in Mikunn with no ill intent and only wish to serve you as best I can and build relations between the Mercs of Mikunn and the Paladin Consortium until I am called back.

    I am CMDR Taskchair and will be playing in open for those who wish to find me and wing up.

    P.S. We are no longer part of a coalition with GalCop, if you have any questions or loathe us for that alliance that feel free to ask. I'll do the best I can.
  2. Arthur P

    Arthur P Galactic Traveller Extraordinaire


    we (well at least I ) don't loathe you. If I may ask, what exactly made you choose our area to earn your wings? It's easy to suspect you might be a spy. Forgive me for speaking frankly.
  3. Arthur P

    Arthur P Galactic Traveller Extraordinaire

    Forget I asked, just read through your introduction on our discord.
  4. Lucifer Wolfgang

    Lucifer Wolfgang Founder Staff Member